Welcome to Impact Sports! Our facility is more than indoor batting cages and field turf. It's a fitness center for athletic performance. It has all the amenities you need to become a faster and stronger athlete. We provide one of the premier fitness centers in the region and it's right here in Broomfield, Colorado.

Basketball Court
We installed a multi-use court to closely match the playing surface of your sport. Whether it is basketball, volleyball, or tennis, we want to be sure you can train on a hard court with similar qualities and responses to the actual courts you play on. Our basketball court features two of the highest quality hoops around and is just shy of full size (80’ x 40’).
Batting Cages
Our batting cages are ideal for your indoor practice. With two full size pitching mounds, pitching machines and “L” screens, we handle just about any of your needs, including a golf hitting bay. We offer two (2) 40’ x 14’ cages and two (2) 70’ x 10’ cages (can be converted into one 70’ x 20’ cage).
Conference Room
Our conference room can handle 12-14 people comfortably. Use it for your board meetings or coaches/parent meetings. Includes phone and internet connection.
Over 2500 sq. ft. You can hang out and watch T.V., use our internet connections, or make calls all while your son or daughter puts in their work downstairs. We also have a kids area equipped with T.V./VCR/DVD and toys to keep their interest during your stay. Included upstairs is a semi private large meeting space (over 1000 sq. ft.) for large groups of up to 40 people.
Physical Therapy Room
Our P.T. clinic offers an up close and personal environment with our performance facility. Getting your therapy done has never been so fun. Take advantage of our entire facility and top of the line equipment and programs to get you back on track in the least amount of time.
Massage Therapy Rooms
Our massage therapy rooms offer private, quiet environments to allow you to focus on your treatments or therapy.  Escape to our healing space upstairs on the mezzanine level.
Turf Field
A great field that doesn’t require you to wear cleats and provides outstanding traction without the hard pounding. Our field lies over a ½” thick high reaction foam that is easy on the joints. Our field measures 165’ x 40’ and is great for working on your speed, agility, and quickness.
Weight Room
With the best strength training equipment available, our Olympic racks, compact cable stations, and free weights provides you with a place to accomplish all your strength training needs. We also include top of the line cardio equipment, including a high speed treadmill with incline and decline functions.
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